Rich Text Editor For Tickets

Ticket messages, canned responses, and ticket templates can support the use of rich text (bold, italic, underline, images, etc).

To Enable This Feature

Go to Settings → Help Desk → Features → Allow Rich Text for Tickets. Possible options include:


When Disabling Rich Text For Tickets

When disabling rich text for tickets, any ticket messages and replies created when rich text was enabled will always continue to be displayed in rich text (their formatting is never removed). However, saved ticket templates and canned responses will revert to plain text, even if they were created when rich text was enabled. Any ticket messages/replies created via ticket template/canned response will not be affected.


Security Notice

Rich text in Mods for HESK is achieved via HTML markup (as is with any other helpdesk solution). This means that there is a possible chance of a security exploit via XSS. Mods for HESK will attempt to thwart any attempts at an XSS attack via the use of a library called htmLawed. If you do not trust htmLawed with stopping any possible exploits, it is recommended that you do not enable this feature.