The calendar page is very simple and minimalistic, and displays the following three sections:

  • Categories
    • All categories marked as "ticket and events" or "events only" will appear in this panel, with their background set to the category color defined at the Categories page.
    • Use the checkboxes (or click on the categories) to show/hide events / tickets that are assigned to the category, quickly filtering the results to only the events you care about.
  • Legend
    • The legend indicates what each icon on the calendar corresponds to:
      • Events: Entries with a calendar icon are regular "events".
      • Tickets: Entries with a ticket icon are tickets. If the ticket has a due date of January 1, 2016, the entry will be displayed on January 1, 2016.
      • Overdue Tickets: Entries with an exclamation point are overdue tickets. These tickets are currently open, and should be resolved as soon as possible! If there are overdue tickets for a specific date, the calendar will appear red on the calendar.
  • Calendar
    • This is self-explanatory, right? The calendar displays the calendar! :smiley:


Ticket Due Dates in Ticket-only Categories

Even if a ticket is assigned to a "Tickets Only" category, it will still appear on the calendar if it has a due date assigned to it.