Calendar Reminders / Overdue Tickets Cron Job

In order to utilize calendar reminder and overdue ticket emails, you must set up the provided cron job / scheduled task. This cron job will check for any events that require a reminder email to be sent out, or if a ticket has become overdue. To set up the cron job:

  1. On Linux servers, CHMOD file cron/calendar_reminders.php to 755 (rwxr-xr-x).
  2. Open calendar_reminders.php file in your browser, for example:
  3. Check to see if your reminder email arrived to your inbox.
  4. To automatically run this job, set up a CRON job (scheduled task) to run the calendar_reminders.php script (recommended interval is every 1 minute). Most hosting companies support CRON jobs, please check your hosting control panel or contact your host.

Alternatively, you may use a third party remote CRON service to call the calendar_reminders.php file for you.